With all Floral Art meetings on hold at the moment, we are going back in time to take a look at previous meetings/functions - sometimes this brings a smile to our faces, but mostly it brings back so many good memories of these happy times shared with our flower friends.  Hope you enjoy the nostalgic look back over the years, and remember when .....!


Musgrave Flower Show 2014

Surprise, Surprise!

From Old to New

Inspired by Art - Mixed Media

2013 - Period Designs 

Hello Autumn!

2017 Demonstration by Hendra Gouws

2013 Novice Crescent Workshop


2012 Musgrave Flower Show

2010 Teachers Forum Innovation Day 

2013 @Glass Workshop with Sandy Talbot 

March 2015

March 2012

April 2011

Durban Floral Art Clubs 50th Birthday

April 2006

Flowers Through Seven Acres 

Land Art 2009

Flowers through Crowhurst 2011

Non Functional Table Settings

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