This morning some of our members very kindly brought in their designs from our Floriate Show to show the members who had not managed to attend to the Show.


One of the Honorary designs, entitled KZN at it's best was done by Leila Paruk for FADAN (our demonstrators section).  She had been down to the beachfront to take pictures of the Rickshaws and how they were made and then constructed her own rickshaw from 3 pallettes.  The wheels were hula hoops covered with dried vine to give the rustic look, the broom stick had a fan palm added to it with pompoms stuck on.  The lady in the rickshaw is returning from the market with her box full of goodies.  What a beautiful and colourful rickshaw - very like the ones on our beachfront.

Cogie Thavarayan made a wire horse which was covered with palm sheath, representing our annual Durban July Horse Race.

Greg Baptie created a beautiful tropical design on a screen using anthuriums, bromeliads, crotons, aspidistra and asparagus fern, all of which definitely represent our lush vegetation and flowers.

Cogie Thavarayan recreated the design she demonstrated for the Demonstrator of the Year competition which told the story of her grandmother rising in the morning and taking her in the richshaw to the market, and how Cogie was enthralled by the colours of the sky at sunrise, and the promise of a new day filled with joy.  Her proudly South African lady of dignity was very cleverly created with the banana sheath for her dress.  This was dried and ironed.  She weaved palm leaves for the shawl and a flax flower which was the broach holding the dress together.

Cogie presented her lady carrying her wares for the market on her head with the beautiful sunrise behind her, and the gorgeous sunflowers depicting the joy of the new day.  









    Masks from Class 8 - Tribal Colours were also displayed.  From left - Paula Monk, Bev Westhof and Cogie Thavarayan.


 From left - Leila Paruk and Kim Zimmerman

Many thanks to Leila, Cogie and Greg for bringing these designs back for our members - it was such a fun morning and to see these designs again was indeed special.

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