Our demonstrator today was Anette Badenhorst, superb Judge and Teacher, who treated us to a morning of art and mixed media.
Her first design was inspired by a painting acquired many years ago which reminded her of their frequent trips to the coast, passing all the cosmos growing wild alongside the roads.  Anette painted her jug to resemble the one in the painting and then used azalea leaf to create her shape, adding in white chrysanthemums and beautiful pink cosmos flowers.  The pink cosmos were actually paper flowers made of a few layers of tissue paper attached to a looped wire and held in place with a small roll of green card.  The effect stunning!
Her second design was inspired by a cat painting.  This work of art was done by Anette’s neighbour of her fat ginger cat.  Looking at the painting it is easy to see the circles in the cats’ faces and bodies. Polystyrene rounds and cake boards were used and covered with fabric as well as incorporating plant materials such as sisal, bark, kelp and wool for one cat’s tail, and batting and wool for the other.  The circles were attached to a frame with wire and the small squares of oasis that were used for the fresh plant material were all covered with cling wrap to prevent water dripping.  The lovely bright colours lift the spirits. 
The next painting belongs to her daughter and is an interesting design of fish.  Anette started with a black frame and as blue flowers are not that easy to come by she sewed long strips of batting and twisted it to give the look of fish, also using a little wool in between to separate the fish and finally adding eyes which were sewn on by hand.  To create the yellow fish she first tried using flowers but found this too busy and on finding the yellow striped dracaena leaf, folded, twisted and stapled it to create a perfect little fish.  File reinforcements were used as the eyes for these fish and they were attached to small oasis on the wire mesh on the frame.
Thank you Anette  -  what a wonderful morning we had – not only did we learn a lot of ‘tricks’ but also how to incorporate mixed media into our designs – not something we are often exposed to.  The paintings, and the designs inspired by them, were indeed uplifting and I think we all left feeling motivated to go and try some of this.
Thank you to Rosemarie Blair and Anu Gounder for assisting on stage today.
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