Today staging was a Mystery Box for four of our members!  They were each given a container or stand and the same plant material, and what a selection there was - from ligularia, large ferns, pink anthuriums, pink roses, pink and green chrysanths, anthurium leaves, asparagus fern, curly ginger, dianella, alocasia, dracenae, curculigo and more.....

An hour later they produced some stunning designs!

Bev Westhof hard at work!


Well done Bev on a very interesting and rhythmic design on your stand.


Rosemarie Blair explaining her design to the audience!


 What an eye catching design, Rosemarie!


Anu Gounder selecting her plant material for her design.


Anu's vibrant modern design on her tall stand using only 3 types of plant material!

Sandy Talbot explaining how to approach doing an imposed design.


Sandy's creative design on her stand showing both vertical and horizontal lines!


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