Today we were treated to an amazing demonstration by Marieke Ric Hansen, teacher, demonstrator and judge.  Her theme was From Old to New.  Out with 2017 and welcome 2018 with renewed hopes and aspirations.
Her first design was using two lovely traditional styled containers which she cleverly filled with a beautiful modern design using rejected Weaver's nests to cover the top of each container and adding to this covered tubes filled with phalaenopsis orchids and interesting worked cane.
A gorgeous plate with another innovative idea was next.  Using veneer wound over a balloon and lightly glued in places to create an interesting sphere to which she then added some blue hydrangea and for a pop of colour, an orange gerbera.  Dietes was also wound around to lessen the dominance of the veneer.   Marieke placed this on the table and added another container filled with thin cut sticks and laid over the grid on the top was chincherinchees and dietes with another organge gerbera to tie the two designs together.
Design 3 – An old frame wound with string and wool with small glass tubes attached and filled with a colourful array of flowers.  Dietes leaves and some ceropegia were wound through the frame as well as adding some ‘tufts’ of imported wool to create a very unusual and modern screen. 
A dried piece of palm with a rustic sphere attached to a tall stand and embellished with vibrant orange pincushions and red anthuriums.  Added interest was a strand of cut cardboard squares placed slightly to the back and another more vibrant strand of red paper squares draped near the front.  A small branch finished off this rustic and unusual design.
Who doesn’t love a bouquet and it needn’t only be for a wedding.  Marieke used a metal round and wound different wools in sections, adding to this anthuriums, gerberas, fountain grass, a hanging heliconia, and of course some dietes, a foliage which is long lasting and creates lovely movement with its gentle curves.  Another striking design.
Marieke and modern at it's best was the next design.  A lovely tall vase with a wire frame worked on to the top.  The wire frame was woven with  different types of wool  and another wired ‘cup’ was attached into which she placed some red celosia.  Chincs were added for more horizontal movement as well as some ceropegia.  To keep this design balanced is quite tricky but Marieke had it down to a fine art.
Then to finish off the morning Marieke took us from the Pantone Colour of 2017 – Greenery, with her cool and serene hanging design to the new Pantone Colour for 2018 – Ultra Violet with her dazzling frame of these rich and vibrant colours. 
Thank you Marieke, you have definitely got us off to a good start with lots of innovative and new ideas.  
Thank you to Rosemarie Blair for assisting Marieke, as well as to Trevor Human for assisting with the lighting and sound. 
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