Cogie Thavarayan and Patsy Naidoo were our demonstrators today and their theme was Christmas decor with a difference.

Patsy started by showing us how to make different and budget friendly wreaths.  The first being made from the pages of an old telephone directory rolled into cones, some large and some smaller.  The large cones were placed and glued from the centre of a cardboard circle before adding the smaller ones on top.  Baubles and ribbon were then used to decorate before hanging. 


For the second design Patsy used a metal wreath ring to which she attached 2 different textured and coloured fabrics using pipe cleaners which she had sprayed red with Floral spray.  The gaps were filled in with red ribbons before adding the large gold ribbon to the centre of the ring.  Wow what a stunning wreath!

Cogie's wreaths were just as innovative and budget friendly.  The first was silver sprayed vine to which some cones and roses were added - simple yet stunning and the second wreath was  silver sprayed twigs attached to create a rectangular box type shape into which Christmas baubles were hung.


The third wreath was also a rectangle but this time using dried material with pointsettia and baubles, and the final wreath was created with ivy and placed around the head of a reindeer!


Cogie then explained how she used drainpipes to create her Santa and the lamp.  The reindeer at Santa's feet was made using chicken mesh covered with palm tree fibre and twigs for the antlers.

Then it was time for some Christmas trees.  For the first one, Cogie used gold sprayed bamboo attached to metal rings on a stand which she then decorated  with lights, baubles, pine foliage and red anthuriums.  Another interesting contemporary idea.  Her second tree was made by wiring pine cones together attached to wood and decorated with lights.


Cogie used red gerberas, white chrysanths, greenery sprayed gold, staghorn and pennygum to create this beautiful design.  Candles (make from plastic pipes sprayed gold) were then added into the design before placing it on the festive mantle piece they had created.

Cogie's final design was the nativity scene with Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus being lowered in his manger from the ceiling.  Cogie wound string around a large ball and covered with wood glue.  Once dried the ball was popped and removed and she cut an opening in the front placing the baby in and decorated the top with lights.

What a festive way to finish off our year!  Thank you Cogie and Patsy for your very innovative ideas which I am sure many members will be trying out at home.

Merry Christmas and best wishes and safe travels to all over the Festive period.

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