This month the Club members were treated to a Fashion show incorporating floral designs, and what a fabulous morning it was!

Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Karen Monk-Klijnstra (centre) very generously allowed us to showcase her stunning range of "Goddess" garments, including headdresses designed and made by the very talented Fay Abdulla who so very generously gave up her morning to be with us with her assistant Milly

Greg Wallace was in charge of the models and choreographed the show and Tyrone Crossman was the professional photographer.  Three professional models joined us from Mobile Model Management, and of course not forgetting our amazing compere, Sheila Astill, together with Paula Monk who worked tirelessly with us backstage as well as having done most of the planning and arrangements and without whom we simply would not have managed.

The beautiful handpieces carried by the models and the bridal bouquet and headdress were made by various members of our Club.

 Nellie, Goddess of the Snow, with Jocelyn, Goddess of the Harvest


followed by Maggie, Goddess of the Sun.

and Mikaela, Goddess of Flight.

The Goddess of Love was Sigrid with Edit, Goddess of Motherhood and  Maggie, Goddess of Fire 

Cheryl was the Goddess of the Oceans,


Robyn The Warrior Goddess

Geraldine Goddess of the Storms

and Goddess of the Underworld was Cogie.

The gorgeous bride Caitlin and groom Dylan finished the show with a real wow!

And then special guest 'Shirley Bassey' entertained us with her magnificent rendition of  "Big Spender"!

A very big thank you to all mentioned above as well as Greg, aka Shirley, for all your time, effort and input into todays show.  Without each and everyone of you it would not have been the success it was.

Thank you too to Trevor Human and Kevin Webb for managing the music.

Thanks also to members for photos whilst we await the professional pics!

At last we have some of the professional pics by Tyrone Crossman - a very big thank you for these amazing photographs!

 Nellie, Goddess of the Snow,                    Jocelyn, Goddess of the Harvest

Edit, Goddess of Motherhood                   The Goddess of Love,  Sigrid   

 Mikaela, Goddess of Flight                            Maggie, Goddess of the Sun.

Maggie, Goddess of Fire                                 Robyn The Warrior Goddess

Cheryl, Goddess of the Oceans

Geraldine Goddess of the Storms              Goddess of the Underworld, Cogie.

Bride Caitlin and Groom Dylan

Shirley Bassey


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