Rosemarie Blair was our demonstrator this morning and very kindly recreated her design that she recently did for her Demonstrators Exam.
Her chosen theme was “The Circle of Life” which she depicted with a large circular frame meticulously covered with twine.
Starting with the seeds of the Strelitzia Nicolai, she attached a string of seed pods to the front base of her frame, followed by the green leaves from the Strelitzia Reginae which she very carefully coaxed to curl slightly by rubbing along the centre vein and placing them alongside the inner curve of the circle. Then came the beautiful flowers, filling the central space, whilst Rosemarie explained how the original name of the Strelitzia came to be. 
The dried leaves of the Nicolai were attached to the opposite side of the inner circle with some paper covered wire.  And finally, a second string of seed pods was attached next to the first placement to conclude the circle of life and start the process once again.
Rosemarie then added a beautiful second placement to complement her design.
Rosemarie is a very talented designer, not only being very creative but also having an amazing eye for colour and a delightful manner of presentation.  Thank you for sharing this with us and Congratulations on passing your exam.  We are very proud of your achievement!
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