Sandy Talbot, our demonstrator for today, has a great passion for teaching, so her stage dem today is a teaching dem on Shapes and Forms.
The difference between shapes and forms is dimension.  Shapes are two dimensional and forms are three dimensional – depth is always apparent.
Sandy has used many colours – Polychromatic to create interest and excitement on stage.
There are five basic shapes.
The first shape, the Circle with the third dimension becomes a sphere
She created this design of circles within a circle for interest sake.  She kept the shapes very flat and two dimensional deliberately to emphasise the difference between shapes and forms.  In the second circle I have placed a garland made from dried twigs with fresh orchids glued onto them.
It can be seen clearly that the spheres (balls) have depth.  They have different designs inside each one to create interest.
Triangles – become pyramids – The design inside the pyramid shows a traditional mass in a triangular outline.
Oval  becomes egg shaped and once the egg shaped garden seat is turned around the green design represents new life.  (Bringing in interpretation.)
 Oblong – flat shapes – simplicity and minimalist using alternative mechanics – tubes.  Once depth is added they become cylinders.  One on each side creates balance.  They are different to show the use of fresh and dried materials
The Square frame encloses a photo our 2017 NDD Candidates who all passed their exams this year.  With the third dimension she has created a cube.  It’s covered in different coloured wool which has become the fashion currently.  The purple stocks inside the yellow and orange cube creates contrast.
Thank you Sandy for this very informative demonstration - I am sure all our members have learnt a lot this morning especially with being shown the visual difference 
between a form and a shape!
Thanks to Bev Westhof for the photos.
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