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As part of the preparation of the National Design Diploma candidates, the teachers arranged a morning to show and explain to us the different designs through the ages.  What an interesting and informative morning as we were shown not only the designs of a particular period but also given insight into the types of flowers, foliage, accessories and containers used  as well as the fashion, home decor and architecture.  The teachers each put a lot of time and effort into their preparation and also brought books of reference for us as well.  Thank you to each one of you.

Chinese period by Yvonne Eijlers

Egyptian period by Helen Bellew

Byzantine period by Annette Badenhorst

Baroque Dutch-Flemish by Fay Fenn

Georgian period by Althea Higham

Rococo period by Vaughn Harrington

Victorian period by Kate Watt

Art Deco by Althea Higham

American Colonial by Althea Higham

Then it was our turn
Top Left - Sandy Talbot -  Victorian
Top Right - Cheryl Griffiths - Rococo
Right - Bev Westhoff - Chinese

Below left - Lyn Baird - Chinese
Below Right - Lyn Oram - Chinese
Marieke Ric-Hansen  - Art Deco Hester O' Brien Baroque Dutch Flemish

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