January 2017
This month we welcomed Laura Meredith who very kindly agreed to do our demonstration this morning, her theme being table arrangements for the home and for functions.
The designs being done this morning are simple designs which members of all levels can achieve and allows members to add bling or other floral materials to make the design their own or to their taste.  All the material used today was from Laura’s garden (or surrounding gardens).
The first design was just a quick and easy idea using a grouping of various glass vases to which Laura had added agapanthus, agapanthus seed heads, and hydrangea in cool blues, green and white creating an inexpensive, interesting and unobtrusive table arrangement.
In the second design Laura used wooden slatted baskets made by her hubbie with plastic containers filled with oasis.  Aspidistra leaves were used to conceal the oasis and she filled the centre with spathyphyllum.  In the second basket she used dianella stapled into shapes and an agapanthus seed head in the centre.
Starting with fan palms grouped on the one side, and curled/rolled anthurium leaves on the other, and the centre being filled with grey/blue hydrangea, lime green spathyphyllum, and the green seed head of the agapanthus, another quick and easy, yet striking design was accomplished.
(to dry anthurium leaves in a hurry put into the microwave on high until suitable – never mind the smell – not too good!)
A glass dish with oasis taped into place was next.  Laura used the long lasting leather leaf fern to fill the base and centre areas before adding variegated  syngonium leaves, loops of dracaena, lime green fern fronds and spathyphyllum.
Last was a beautiful ceramic vase filled with sanseveria, dracaena pleomile, mini strylitzia leaves, leather leaf fern, spathyphyllum and hydrangea.  Another stunning design.
Thank you Laura for inspiring us this morning as well as showing that flower arrangements needn’t cost the earth and that quick and simple can be just as effective as a costly design.  Thank you to Sandy Talbot for kindly assisting Laura this morning.
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